About Yaya

Why the name Yaya?

My nephew started calling me Yaya when he was a baby. It turns out that Yaya is the Greek word for Grandma, and though I am not Greek, the name stuck and my grandchildren and the many children I have cared for over the years still call me Yaya.

Our Humble Origin

I love my family and my friends, and I love to bake! I started baking Christmas cookies and giving them as gifts back in 1982. For many years, my family and friends urged me to open my own business.

After 35 years, I finally decided to follow their advice and opened Yaya's Cookie Creations on November 22, 2017. Almost immediately, orders started coming in based on word of mouth alone.

Homemade With Love!

Everything I bake tastes great and is sprinkled with a little love. All my treats are fresh from the oven and contain no preservatives. You won't find anything like these in a store or bakery. My treats are just like Grandma used to make.

If you would like to share some Love with your family and friends, give me a call or send me an email. You will be glad you did!